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Otis and I moved back to Minnesota from Pennsylvania in 2007. I noticed Wendy’s Company van in a local parking lot and waited until she came out of the store to “interview” her about grooming him. I have gravitated to "sheepies" and I know how I want them to look. Except for a brief hiatus, Wendy and the gang have taken care of him. As he aged and had more difficulty with standing, he got the same professional care. Their expertise and understanding of the geriatric dog was so comforting to both him and me. I called Wendy to let her know I as letting him go. [Note: "sheepies" refers to English Sheep Dogs]

Kathy M

Hi Wendy! I just wanted to thank you again for making this transition easier for me and my kitties! You've done such a great job on my kitties for years but as it was the first time your other associates were to groom them and I was a little concerned everything would go okay, but it couldn't have gone better! Please thank the two ladies who worked on Zack and Zander! They did a FANTASTIC job! They both look beautiful!! Zander is really styling with his lion look, and Zack looks extra spiffy too! It's such a relief they will be much more comfortable now as well as not have the problem of hairballs as much! Wendy's Doghouse is the BEST, especially for my precious kitties!! With sincere gratitude!

Kathy Z

They did an outstanding job! I was a bit nervous because my cat had never had any grooming done before, and he really didn't like me to brush him. He sheds a lot, and his fur also became matted quite regularly. After trying to trim him up myself several times, I decided it was time for a professional! We've taken our dog here before, but I trusted them to do a good job with the cat as well. They were prompt, friendly, and did a great job. He looked great, and they were even able to give him a shampoo. He kept purring all night and was very happy to have all that hair gone. Now that I know he's comfortable with this, I'll definitely bring him back. I highly recommend Wendy's Dog House.

Brad Bemowski, Saint Paul

We've been bringing our dogs to Wendy's Doghouse for 2 years now. One of our dogs is very scared of anything unfamiliar and any strange noises. However, we have always felt comfortable at Wendy's. He's gotten so comfortable that the last time he ran right in and jumped up on the table. This is strong praise from a dog scared of everything!

It is very hard for us to leave our dogs anywhere, but I felt a great deal of confidence and comfort that when they are at Wendy's they are in great hands.

Kristin Deon & Heidi Thorson, Minneapolis

"We have a 23 year old tuxedo cat who just in the last couple of years started having problems with her nails. I arranged to have Wendy take care of them for us because she was the only one I trusted to deal with them. The nails were starting to turn under and catch on everything. For most of her life the cat has been traumatized when dealing with other people. Wendy was able to just trim those nails as if it was nothing and the cat has been doing so much better again now and so have I. Thank you Wendy for doing great work with cats as well as dogs!!"

Jean Davids, Big Lake

"When a 150-pound Newfoundland puts on the brakes, you cannot help but to notice. Yet this is exactly what was happening whenever we took our 7-year-old dog, Mr. Knightly (aka "Knightly"), to the dog groomer. That was before we came to Wendy's Doghouse.

Newfoundlands have thick, wavy coats and we have invested a great deal of time and money in Knightly's care. We tried two different groomers over the years before we started with Wendy's. Knightly met Wendy's staff in 2008 and we have all been very pleased with each visit. Knightly happily gets in the car when we tell him it is time to go for his appointment, and his beautiful black coat has never looked better!

The groomers at Wendy's Doghouse are very skilled in their work. Our dog is a companion animal, however Wendy's grooms a number of show dogs as well. Knightly's coat and undercoat hold up beautifully over a six-week period, and his skin stays very healthy. Wendy's team handles Knightly with the utmost compassion and care, and they really cater to their individual customers. In our case, Wendy's knows that Knightly is an older dog with some specific needs. Typically he will have two groomers for his appointments, which shortens the time frame of his visit. His team will lift him onto the grooming table to avoid any unnecessary jumping. He also is treated to a nice massage with every appointment! He might tell you that it's a bit like going to the spa! Finally, Wendy's has very reasonable rates, so it's quite affordable to come on a regular basis.

It is our sincere pleasure to recommend Wendy's Doghouse for Professional Pet Grooming."

The Stutzman Family, Stutzman Realty, Inc., Minneapolis

."We have had four great dogs in our lives.  Wendy has been an important part of each of their lives.  We have worked with Wendy for over 10 years and simply wouldn't trust our "dog friends" to anyone else!  She and her staff are absolutely fantastic!  When Wendy grooms the dogs, it is a level of detail that is unlike most in the business.  The result, the coat is more beautiful and lasts longer.  One of our dogs is an old english sheepdog, if she can handle his coat, she can handle anything!!"

Laura and Jeff Heggedahl, Minnetonka

We've been sending our Bichons to Wendy's Dog House for over 17 years (yep, we're on our second set of Bichons with her).  Quite simply I can't imagine sending my "kids" to any other groomer.  They are always treated with love and respect (and, are happy to see her) and come home looking absolutely lovely ( just like show dogs ready for the ring).  Wendy is Aces as far as a groomer and a great human being. 

from Willie and Babette's "Mom", Midge Putzke Docken of Golden Valley

When we moved from Minneapolis to Prior Lake, I thought we needed to find a groomer for AJ closer to home. I switched to one in our area for a few months and the results were terrible. AJ's coat became dry and damaged looking very quickly. I had become accustomed to AJ smelling really nice with bows in her hair after she was groomed. I found out that not all groomers do those little extra things. The biggest factor in going back to Wendy's is that AJ is a little shy. When I would take her to the other groomer, she would start to shake as soon as we arrived there. It is obvious she is treated well at Wendy's because she is not the least bit nervous and seems quite happy with Wendy and her other groomers. [note: AJ is a Shih Tzu]

from Karen & Duane Mathison, Prior Lake

Today my very senior dog Hannah (17 years best guess) was groomed by Wendy. This is no small feat without major stress on Hannah who has all the geriatric issues of a very senior dog at 40 lbs; weakness, Dermatitis, deafness, some blindness, and healed fractured bones with not the greatest of circulation.

Wendy first groomed dogs for me 25 years ago until I moved to Eagan. I did and continue to have rescued aged dogs. These special needs dogs most times suffer major stress when left at the groomer or vet, as if they were once again abandoned. It many times, with some experiences away from home, takes months for them to return to the feeling of security. My dogs never left Wendy's needing recoup time and Hannah is no exception.

Thank you Wendy and Staff for your wonderful work for us and our companions.

from Linda O'Connor, Richfield

Our cats are named "Ole and Lena" Anderson. Their registered names are Chadwick and Chandler, born May 13, 1994. They are long hair pure bred Persians who are sister and brother.

Their groomer is Wendy Brown, who has kept them handsome and beautiful for 15 years. They get a hair cut, ears cleaned, eyes washed, toenails clipped and they leave with a bow in their hair and a squirt of perfume to boot. Of course they are bathed in spa shampoo.

Wendy and her daughter Symone take care of them when we are away. They have a mutual bond of friendship with the felines. The cats enjoy a little cream for breakfast and they enjoy people on their own terms. The swish of a tail by both and Lena's meows tell us what they want. The cats love Wendy and so do we.

from Cindy & Doug Anderson (the cat's mom and dad)


from an original painting by Nancy Patrick Carney

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